Starting in 2013, our sister company Inverstancia sources, imports and adapts Pongamia tree genetics from the US, Australia and India under the authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture of Paraguay (SENAVE). Test plantations were established in 3 distinct areas of the Paraguayan ‘Chaco‘. 

In 2015, the company purchased 700 hectares of land on the Rio Paraguay, where an R&D and tree propagation center were established from scratch. The company is now in full operation with a tree production capacity of over one million trees per year. This represents the world’s largest production center for elite Pongamia trees. 

Our R&D and tree propagation site has a 1 km border with the Rio Paraguay, one of South America’s most navigated rivers, which forms the border with neighboring Brazil. Crude oil and protein from our site at the Rio Paraguay can reach all major harbors in the world by using low-cost, low carbon-emitting fluvial and maritime transport networks.


Tamar van Heesewijk

Tamar is our leading lady and in charge of all matters pertaining to finance and integrity.

Kees Rottinghuis

Kees is our word-wizard. Here to inspire and inform you, he is the author of all our texts and news messages.

Nick van Heesewijk

Nick is head of marketing & sales. He will expertly deliver your corporate program, ensuring a big Q-win for all.

René van Hulst

Rene is the brain behind our branding and marketing. He is determined to leave a better world for his kids.


Marcel van Heesewijk

Marcel is the founder of Quadriz and our Head Farmer. Brazilian-born, he spends a lot of his time at Estancia Santa Rosanna heading the reforestation program.

Wim Boer

Wim is all about finance. The youngest of our grandfathers, he loves trees as much as he loves crunching numbers for Investancia


Hugues van Heesewijk

As founder of Squarebreak, Hugues knows (almost) everything there is to know about hospitality and e-business. He generously shares this knowledge with the board of Investancia.

Jose Buttner

No better local representation in Paraguay than José, former General Secretary of the Mercosur, vice Minister for Economy & Integration and the President of the Banco Nacional de Fomento.

Chris Hammond

Chris has gained great experience from a successful career in London’s City. Now retired, his focus is on the board of Investancia and on raising his grandchildren

Henk Rottinghuis

As former CEO of PON, Henk knows how to succesfully run a company. He regularly visits our operations site in Paraguay and advises us on strategy and execution.

Hans van der Loo

With a long career in the fossil fuel industry at Shell, Hans provides the ultimate reality check. An outspoken advocate for climate change.

Research, Development & Tree Propagation Center

Francisco Vergara

Francisco is our agro engineer and king of pongamia genetics. Based in Asuncion, he travels the world to scout out the best Pongamia genetics.

Humberto Pagliosa

Humberto is forestry engineer and our tree production manager. He has vowed not to rest until he can turn out 1 million trees a year – that’s what we call ambition!

Fredy Montoya

Fredy; born and raised Chaceno, knows the land inside out. There is no tougher cookie in all of Paraguay. In charge of preparing/-maintaining the land, orchestrating plantation of young trees and supervising growth.

Rilsis Saavedra

Rilsis is an agro engineer focussed on optimising Pongamia tree production. She has already discovered and implemented many tree propagation improvements at our center in Paraguay.

Partners & Friends of Reforestation

All of Quadriz’ reforestation programs are executed by our sister-company Investancia Paraguay SA based at our R&D and tree propagation center at Estancia Santa Rosanna in Carmelo Peralta, Alto Paraguay.

Since inception, Investancia has worked very closely with Terviva in the US to continually select best adaptable elite tree genetics, exchange propagation and planting protocols and to development of aftermarkets for oil and protein. 

Through our partnership with Carbonfund.org, we measure and benchmark CO2 sequestering capacities of the Pongamia tree. Carbonfund.org is also contracted to enable corporations to register their program as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) projects, the world’s leading voluntary GHG program. Once audited and approved as a VCS project, a specific number of Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) can be issued, transferred and retired by the program owner.

Unique Wood has conducted extensive land quality analysis for us in the Paraguay Chaco. With Unique Wood we are also applying for an FSC certification.  

MEO Carbon Solutions which is part of the ISCC certification organization, has conducted an specific CO2 emissions calculation for crude Pongamia oil produced from our reforestation programs in Paraguay.  The assessment was conducted over the complete life cycle of Pongamia oil; from the propagation of tree cuttings to the silvopasture agriculture environment up to the oil extraction. MEO Carbon Solutions concluded that Pongamia crude oil has the lowest CI (Carbon Intensity) value of all vegetable oil feedstocks. 

All the above mentioned, very detailed reforestation program feasibility reports, are available to our program owners.

To assure local reforestation legislation compliance, Quadriz works in close contact with the National Forest Institute (INFONA) as part of the Ministry of Agriculture in Paraguay. INFONA has latin America’s strictest anti-deforestation and reforestation rules in place that form the basis for our programs.

We are in close contact with WWF-Paraguay that is very active in advising and supporting local landowners in sustainable silvopasture agriculture practices.

For the offtake of the produced crude oil from the reforestation programs, we are in regular contact with major oil companies active in the field of Renewable Diesel or HVO. We supply crude oil samples for their labs and provide test batches of crude oil for their refineries that will serve for the negotiations of future crude oil offtake agreements. 

In order to create and support “pull demand” for renewable fuels, we are in regular contact with renewable fuel retailers such as Goodfuels (marine transport), Sky-Energy (Bio-jet) and Tank-you (car fuel direct delivery).

Individuals who wish to reforest and contribute to climate change impacts can do so via our partnership with The Corekees Foundation.

Reforestation Site Locations