About Quadriz

We develop corporate carbon offset programs with quadruple climate impact. Natural carbon sequestering from REDD+ forest conservation and Pongamia reforestation.

How it started 

Quadriz is the trading and carbon project arm of forestry and agro-research company Investancia. Founded in 2013, the company’s local outfit, Investancia Paraguay S.A. started sourcing, importing and adapting Pongamia tree genetics from the US, Australia and India under the authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture of Paraguay (SENAVE). As part of its research and development plan, test plantations were established in 3 distinct areas of the Paraguayan ‘Chaco‘. 

In 2015, the company acquired 700 ha. of land along the Rio Paraguay, where the company established an R&D and tree propagation center from scratch. Investancia Paraguay is now in full operation with a tree production capacity of over 1 million trees per year, which represents the world’s largest production center for elite Pongamia trees. 

The R&D and tree propagation site has a 1 km border with the Rio Paraguay, one of South America’s most navigated rivers, which forms the border with neighboring Brazil. Crude Pongamia oil and bio-protein from the group’s reforestation program at the Rio Paraguay can reach all major ports in the world by using low-cost, low carbon-emitting fluvial and maritime transport networks.

In 2019, Quadriz was established to caretake the group’s environmental commodities trading as well as to lead the development of large-scale carbon offset projects throughout the Paraguayan Chaco. Quadriz has identified vast reserves of native forest areas under immediate threat of planned deforestation, which has already led to the commencement of its first 32,000 ha REDD+ forest protection project near Puerto Casado, Presidente Hayes in Paraguay. The project will not only reduce emissions from avoided planned deforestation, but also protect vital biodiversity including some of the region’s rare animal and plant species. Quadriz aims to scale the project through carbon financing and the scalability could take the project to 100,000 ha and well beyond.

Our team


Marcel van Heesewijk Founder & Head Farmer

van Heesewijk

Founder & Head Farmer

Christian Nielsen Sales & Trading Environmental Commodities


Sales & Trading Environmental Commodities

Tamar van Heesewijk Finance

van Heesewijk


Wim Boer Financial Control


Finance control

Nick van Heesewijk Marketing

van Heesewijk


James Eaton VCS/CCBS Forest Carbon Expert


VCS/CCBS Forest Carbon Expert

Research, Development & Tree Propagation Center

Francisco Agustin Vergara​ Genetics & Country Manager

Agustin Vergara

Genetics & Country Manager

Humberto Pagliosa​ Tree Production Manager


Tree Production Manager

Federico (Fredy) Montoya​ Plantations & Estancia Manager

Federico (Fredy)

Field Manager


Agro Propagation Engineer

José Buttner Paraguay Corporate Governance


Paraguay Corporate Governance

Partners & Friends of Forests

On all of Quadriz’ forest conservation and reforestation programs we liaise closely with National Forest Institute (INFONA) as part of the Ministry of Agriculture in Paraguay. Moreover we are carrying out  a wildlife monitoring program with WWF-Paraguay, installing a total of 16 cameras in our Pongamia trees. The program is led by biologist Andrea Weiller and her team, who will monitor the restoration of biodiversity and establish which animal species return to the reforested areas.  

As a group we work very closely with Terviva in the US to continually select best adaptable elite tree genetics, exchange propagation and planting protocols and for the development of aftermarkets for oil and protein.

Unique Wood, a German consulting firm that provides expert services and advice on forest management and sustainable land use, has conducted extensive land quality analysis for us in the Paraguayan Chaco. With Unique Wood we are also applying for an FSC certification.

MEO Carbon Solutions, which is part of the ISCC certification organization, has conducted an specific carbon emissions calculation for crude Pongamia oil produced from our reforestation programs in Paraguay. The assessment was conducted over the complete life cycle of Pongamia oil; from the propagation of tree cuttings to the silvopasture agriculture environment up to the oil extraction. 

Agro Propagation Engineer
Quadruple climate impact Quadriz

MEO Carbon Solutions concluded that Pongamia crude oil has the lowest CI (Carbon Intensity) value of all vegetable oil feedstocks. All the above mentioned, very detailed reforestation program feasibility reports, are available to our program owners.

For the offtake of the produced crude oil feedstocks from the reforestation programs, we are in regular contact with major oil companies active in the field of Renewable Diesel or HVO. We supply Pongamia crude oil samples for their labs and provide test batches of crude oil for their refineries that will serve for the negotiations of future crude oil offtake agreements.

In order to create and support “pull demand” for renewable fuels, we are in regular contact with renewable fuel retailers such as GoodFuels (marine transport), SkyNRG (Bio-jet) and various Renewable Diesel fuel retailers. 

Individuals who wish to reforest and contribute to climate change impacts can do so via our partnership with The Corekees Foundation.

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