Climate change will create “the end of normal”

A new book, ‘The Uninhabitable Earth’, on the consequences of climate change is out and is quite revealing. David Wallace-Wells writes that the consequences are not just for future generations but for us right now. Natural disasters are becoming more frequent and fiercer. These do not signal a new normal but “the end of normal”. And all this with just 1°C of warming. Yet Wallace-Wells is optimistic. Humans are responsible for this problem and we are an adaptive species, so we should be able to solve it as well.

Unforeseen consequences

Yet we should be aware that there are lot of consequences, which we don’t know about and could make the situation worse. Researchers recently discovered that CO2 could have an impact on low clouds, for example. These stratocumulus clouds cover about 20 per cent of oceans and cool the earth considerably. Carbon dioxide can make these clouds disappear and raise global temperatures by 8 degrees Celsius. The research was published in ‘Nature Geoscience’ and notes that carbon emissions will probably not reach levels of CO2 that make clouds vanish. Yet the researchers also conclude that our climate is such a difficult subject that there might be a lot more factors we do not yet know about and we should therefore act now.

Even if we stop all CO2 emissions now, the warming of the earth will still continue. According to research by the University of Princeton the CO2 currently in the atmosphere is enough to warm the planet for hundreds of years. That’s why we should aim for negative emissions, which are part of the Paris Climate Agreement. Quadriz offers CO2 mitigation for companies to become net zero or even negative emissions. And we do more! Quadruple climate impact can be done now. We can and should act now!

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