Former Shell VP on climate change and our trees

Recently our partner Corekees interviewed Hans van der Loo, former vice president at Royal Dutch Shell. He is an energy and sustainability expert and has shared his knowledge with world leaders at the Paris Climate Agreement (COP21) and the World Economic Forum for instance. Hans was also the driving force behind Shell’s V-Power.

According to Hans we are past the stage where climate change is something for the next generations. We should be fighting climate change out of a sense of survival. “Make no mistake, the planet is not on the line. Earth will continue for billions of years. But whether the ecosystem – which we as a species need – will survive, is a very big question mark.”

Sure-regret vs. non-regret
Hans sees the great potential of Pongamia trees, which Quadriz uses exclusively, because they are a great way to mitigate CO2 and also produce high density energy, which our economic system requires. “Of course, we can never believe that Pongamia will be the solution to all our energy problems, but it is a non-regret route. That is to say, come hell or high water I will not regret it. Non-regret options are the best options you can make in your life.”

Sure-regret is the opposite of a non-regret option, something you will certainly regret. “Not taking action against climate change is one of those. The longer we wait, the costlier it will be – and not just financially. We know that! And yet we are completely paralysed. Now is the best and cheapest time to take action.”

Original Corekees article (Quadriz partner):

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