Do you own or represent native forest land?

Landowners and agents in the Paraguayan Chaco, we would like to talk to you.

Optimized returns

Whether you are looking to conserve forest areas or sell your land, you always want to optimize the return on your land. 

We have a range of options that may be of great interest to you.

Contact us if your land complies with the following criteria:

  1. Located in the Paraguayan Chaco (Alto Paraguay, Boquerón, Presidente Hayes)
  2. Land parcels must be mostly native forests land
  3. Size of the land: 5,000 – 150,000 ha
  4. Owners must hold clean land titles

How to get started?

Get in touch with Quadriz using our contact form below.

Please submit the kmz files or the gps coordinates of the land and any other supporting document you may have.

Our team will contact you. 

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