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The only viable solution to protect and conserve the Paraguayan Chaco’s native forestland and its land carbon stock is through the issuance of high-quality carbon offsets.

An opportunity to invest in a Nature-Based Solution

Verified carbon offsets provide corporates an opportunity to invest in Nature-Based Solutions to offset their unavoidable carbon emissions from manufacturing and supply chain.

This type of investment is known as carbon financing, and it allows project developers and managers, such as Quadriz, to finance the protection and conservation of the native forest land against deforestation, and to commence social programs for local communities and preservation monitoring programs for biodiversity.


Methodology Framework for REDD+

Quadriz develops all forest conservation projects as per the VM0007 Methodology Framework for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and land Degradation (REDD+). Certification is done as according to Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and verified by an independently third party auditor. Additionally the projects are certified under CCBS (Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards) with Gold Level distinction for exceptional biodiversity benefits.

Investments from carbon financing will enable Quadriz to further scale its REDD+ conservation efforts to reduce emissions from avoided deforestation and to alleviate pressure on natural forest habitat across the Chaco Region in Paraguay and to protect the Chaco’s diverse and ecologically rich ecosystems, and thereby help the planet mitigate climate change. Without large-scale conservation measures, much of the remaining forest in the Paraguayan Chaco will remain at significant risk of exploitation.

First VCU (Verified Carbon Units) vintage will be 2021 with delivery in mid-2022.

Part of its carbon offsets portfolio, Quadriz also manages the sales of VCS-CCBS certified ARR carbon offsets from the reforestation activities of sister company Investancia Paraguay.

Corporate benefits of compensating emissions through carbon offsets

Whilst actively contributing to the conservation of one of the world’s main carbon sinks, corporates also benefit from measurable co-benefits that align with the Paris agreement and contribute to the majority of the 17 UN Social Development Goals (SDGs). Investors profit from an increased ESG score, boosted brand perception locally and globally. Further, investing in carbon offsets from sustainable REDD+ projects help attract responsible investors as well as increase employee and stakeholder engagement.

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