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Largest REDD+ Project in the Paraguayan Chaco Now Underway

Quadriz B.V., the trading and carbon project arm of forestry and agro-research company Investancia, is excited to announce it is partnering with Ostrya Conservation Inc. and Atenil S.A. on the largest REDD+ project to date in the Paraguayan Chaco.

In the “Green Heart of the Chaco,” this Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) project will initially conserve 32,000 hectares (79,000 acres) of critical Chaco forest and will be designed under two leading carbon standards known as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS) with Gold Distinction.  Furthermore, the Project will simultaneously preserve endangered species and a wide range of ecosystem services, provide an economic alternative to local communities, and mitigate the release of an estimated 2 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over the first 10 years of the Project.   

Quadriz will be providing the financing and the local project development services for the Project, while partnering with Ostrya Conservation and the local landowners’ organization known as Atenil, one of the largest private landowners in Paraguay. 

The team has a wealth of experience and consists of skilled Carbon market traders and VCS-CCBS Forest Carbon Experts, as well as Agro Engineers and other Forestry professionals. Our Senior Forest Carbon Expert has experience from leading full technical development of over 12 VCS/CCBS offsetting projects in US, Brazil, Uganda, Tanzania, and Chile.

The Chaco Forest is the second largest forest in South America, after the Amazon Rainforest, and is estimated to contain 3,000+ plant species and 650+ bird- and mammal species.  Further, there are an estimated 30+ species in the Chaco on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, including the famous Chacoan Peccary (Catagonus wagneri).

“We are proud to prove, together with the project landowner, that quality, verified, carbon farming from native forest conservation can provide a good economic alternative to deforestation,” said Marcel van Heesewijk, Founder of Quadriz and Investancia.  “To avoid further deforestation in the Paraguayan Chaco, we need solutions that can be implemented immediately, can scale and are bankable for all parties involved”. 

“This REDD+ program brings significant conservation finance to a region long reliant on agricultural exploitation for economic returns. Bringing this type of climate finance to the Chaco is innovative and truly a nature based solution. Clearly, a win for landowners and a win for the environment.” said James Eaton, Director, Ostrya Conservation. 

About Quadriz

Quadriz develops corporate carbon offset programs with quadruple climate impact through natural carbon sequestering from REDD+ forest conservation and Pongamia reforestation activities. 

Quadriz is part of the Investancia group that manages over 35,000 ha of land in the Paraguay Chaco for native forest conservation and cattle land reforestation. The group owns 700 hectares at the Rio Paraguay which forms its elite tree propagation and research center representing the world’s largest dedicated elite Pongamia tree production site. To learn more, visit: www.quadriz.com and www.investancia.com

About Ostrya Conservation, Inc. 

Ostrya Conservation was founded in 2017, with the vision of supporting environmental conservation efforts by creating value for natural ecosystems and managed lands, developing ecosystem services projects, and providing advisory services to land owners and organizations pursuing market-based conservation projects and alternative natural resource derived revenue streams. 

visit: www.ostryaconservation.com

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Christian Nielsen, 
Tel: +31 263 723 071
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