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The latest Ecosystem Marketplace report is packed with good news for the sector and the planet, with the value of the Voluntary Carbon Markets on track to hit $1 billion USD in 2021, for the first time. Quadriz breaks down the latest trends and analysis on the state of the Voluntary Carbon Markets.
Quadriz has commenced the 30-day public comment period on its VCS+CCB REDD+ carbon project named ‘Corazón Verde del Chaco Project’. Comments are invited from the public.
Quadriz is celebrating the first successful three months of biodiversity impact monitoring for its REDD+ Corazón Verde del Chaco project.
Reducing carbon emissions is vital to reverse global warming and combat climate change. Measuring and offsetting scope 3 emissions is essential for successful corporate climate action.
Investancia Paraguay S.A. has commenced a 30-day public comment period on its VCS+CCB ARR carbon project named 'Impact Reforestation in the Chaco Project"
For the first time since 2017, more carbon offsets were retired than were issued in the first quarter of 2021, when compared to the same period in previous years.
Not all carbon offsets are created equal. In fact, some are outdated and no longer meet the standards of top carbon offset certification organisations. Some do not do what they claim to do. They are unfit for the global voluntary carbon market.
Nature-based solutions are essential in the fight to tackle climate change. Ensuring combined efforts and involvement from private and public sector in Nature-Based Solutions could amount to significant development in the fight against climate change.
While deforestation in Latin America has typically been focused on the rapid destruction of the Amazon, the second largest forest in South America, the Gran Chaco, stretched between Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia, ranks as the number one deforestation hotspot on earth. Climate change and its effects is greatly linked to the loss of biodiversity and the rapid destruction of these forests.
The notion of environmental governance, where private and public sectors get involved on several levels, assists to the importance of scalability of REDD+ programs.
The conservation of biodiversity is crucial for both, the survival of ecosystems and of humans. The loss of biodiversity is caused by the over-exploitation of resources thus corporations must take rapid actions against environmental degradation.

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